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Pius Totty 
Always working hard to give us the best rate that meets our need. Always notify us of the changes that are to be made in future.

David Nieto 
You’re always responsive, you’re always returning calls

Jimmy Tam 
Rick and Mike are very responsive and works for their clients.

Susan Flores 
Scordo Insurance has great customer service and cannot beat the rates.  Always available to speak with you no matter if its day or night. i will always recommend Scordo Insurance to family and friends

Larry Tilburg 
Is always kind and friendly service

Sheri Stevenson    
Rick has been our agent for years.  He is the first person I call during an emergency.  When our water heater broke and pushed 100 gallons of water through the ceiling of our kitchen, he sent us right to the water re mediators our carrier was going to want us to use.  As a result, they were able to get here quickly and it was right after a big tornado in our area.  Had he not expedited this situation, no telling how much more mold and mildew damage we would have had.  

When I wrecked my husbands 'beloved' truck while out of state at a wedding, he calmed me down by explaining I did have rental insurance if I needed to get back home before the truck was repaired.  Thankfully, he was available, because I would have cried through the whole wedding over the truck without him calming me down.

Great agent, who really cares about his clients.

William Richardson    
Rick, your kindness and extremely caring heart are such amazing qualities we admire in you!  When incidents occur that insurance benefits are required, Its comforting to have you just a phone call away!!

James Whalen 
Scordo Insurance has gone above and beyond to keep my family protected, informed, and appreciated.

Seth Eckholm 
Please contact us proactively when you think it makes sense to change carriers. We don’t want to spend our time shopping for the best coverage and rates. That is your area of expertise and you should have internal flags in your system that should alert you when it makes sense to notify us to go with a different insurance carrier.

Lisa Lehocky 
Personal, tailored advice and assistance to my needs and wants when it comes to Insurance of all types.

Kenneth Henry 
I have always felt confident that you looked out for us and we’re not just trying to sell us insurance

Joyce Love 
Rick or Michael i (Rick's son) is always available and helpful when I call. I especially enjoy the friendly association we have developed over the years.

Daniel Ho 
I have been doing business with Scordo Insurance for many years. Rick had been very easy to work with. He is very knowledgeable, and I trust his advice. He is very responsive as well.

Eddie Perez 
Made it easy, I do not have time to filter data.

Leslie Storey 
We have used Rick for many years now and I feel like he really took the time, in the beginning, to educate us on insurance coverage and what we should strive to have in case of something catastrophic.  Many do not understand and want the cheapest insurance, and while we too want to save money, we want to make sure we are adequately covered in case of an accident.

Melinda Grant 
Shauna has always gone above and beyond to drop me. She is very personable, well informed and willing to gather any additional info I might need or want. She will acknowledge if she doesn’t know the answer to a question but will quickly off to research the answer and report back quickly. She’s very dependable and courteous. Bottom line....her customer service is exemplary!!

Rebecca Aiken
Personal care, prompt attention, and consistent professionalism.

Robert Bigley 
Just always quick to get back to me.

Blanca Moore 
You are not only an insurance agent.  You are also a caring friend. 

William Moorse 
Very responsive to questions and also when issues arise.  Give great recommendations for contractors.

Jeremy Cecil 
Rick and his team of agents are always quick to respond to questions and where extremely helpful getting our policies updated and only apply what insurances is needed.  Saved us a ton of money per year.

Richard Beck 

Rick did a great job uncovering several insurance options for us and saving us money in the process.

Recently, the Scordo Agency sent me a lovely card. Not only was this unexpected but it was so thoughtful. Your office gets busy, yet you took time to think of me. I sincerely thank you!

 Rineka Jackson

Shelly, I’m already in awe of the work that you do! Thank you for speaking with my mother about her policies. 

 Jayson, thanks for your kindness and patience over the weeks as my health limited my responses. You were able to keep my home and auto policies with plans similar to Travelers but at a more affordable rate for me. A huge thank you for getting the insurance payment and pmi question answered as well. 

 Mr. Scordo, thank you for taking time to speak one-on-one with me, as you didn’t have to do that and for speaking with my mother. You have a wonderful team and great business! I’m happy to remain your client!